Have you ever had a best bud you could depend on no matter what? Well so does Honeydew and her BFF’s name is Marylu.

Marylu and Honeydew met a long, long time ago… The meeting took place so far back that they both can’t remember. Legend says, (The story their parents tell them) Honeydew was on the porch playing by herself with shapes. Honeydew was having fun but was very lonely that particular day and she cried quite often. Marylu’s mother left the house next door on her way out with a big diaper bag. She saw one of Honeydew’s shapes in the grass and picked it up. When she gave the shape back she told Honeydew that when she came home she was going to bring her a pal. Honeydew was elated and waited. Everyday she grabbed her shapes, came outside and sat on the neighbor’s front porch for a whole month! Finally one great day, Marylu’s mom’s returned. As the van pulled into the driveway Honeydew noticed a car seat in the back and she waved holding her shapes in hand. Marylu’s mom sprung out of the vehicle, opened the side door and before you could blink introduced a very young Honeydew to a tiny tiny MaryLu.

They have been BFF’s ever since but they have room for more good pals. You can also join in on the fun as they share lunches, jokes, play games, go to school and have great times together. even if they dont agree they compete and compare the differences in there lives. Honeydew and Marylu explore and create thru the things they enjoy together. They make each other laugh and help each other learn all the time.

“Honeydew and Marylu” is the brain child of proud father and former NBA Coach and basketball player Rasheed Wallace. The illustrations are drawn by marketing mogul Saddler Ward.-They are the co-founders of “Kids Entertainment” a fresh and innovative new brand in kids entertainment.
Laugh. Learn. Play. Every single day.

Honeydew & Marylu keishas crown

Announcing Rasheed Wallace’s first children’s book!- Honeydew & MaryLu: It’s almost here!

The book will be on tour in 6 cities! We will have live performances at schools, after school programs, children’s hospitals and more. For kids jokes, fan art and updates please follow us on Social media @KidsEntRocks (IG and Twitter). To request an appearance/performance in youre area email us-

THE HONEYDEW & MARYLU/THEME SONG (extended Mix) Available on itunes 2015 Our first 100 fans will get a free music download this Xmas.kazoo1

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Get Ready for the Funderful friendtastic Adventures of Honeydew&Marylu

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